About Tarot


The Tarot is a language: the bridge between our inner and outer Worlds. This bridge is the link between outer knowledge and inner wisdom. When you learn to turn inward and trust the voice of wisdom, you can overcome almost any crisis – whether that is a crisis of faith or a crisis that comes from an outer World focus.

We call the Tarot “the Journey of the Fool” and “The Path of Wisdom”. We see the Tarot as both because it is of the ordinary World and also the World of spiritual and evolutionary growth. The quality of what you receive from the Cards depends on your own ability to get out of the way of what the Cards are trying to say to you. When we ask for help from the Cards, we use the word, Querent. The word, Querent, is a term of reference that means: the person who is asking the question. The Tarot can and will match the level of the Querent’s understanding and level of knowledge. The Tarot is a wonderful teacher and guide that can help you walk both the mystic path and the path of practical living.

The symbols on the Cards represent the archetypes in our everyday lives. Our daily process is reflected in the Cards, mirroring what is going on inside.

The 22 Cards of the major Arcana and the 4 minor suits of 14 Cards each, yield 78 Cards to represent everyday events in our lives. The Tarot Cards can give you an immediate understanding of the Changes in your life. The Cards help guide your mystical Journey of self-discovery, while I unveil and synthesize the messages for your ready understanding.