We have been seeing Pamela quite sometime now and we just LOVE her. Her reading her very very accurate and she doesn't shy away from telling the hard truth on our face. She is very empathetic towards her clients and I feel she is a healer in a way that she helps shows us love and light in the situation. Her office is a sanctuary and we just feel motivated and uplifted after every visit.
I am so grateful to my friend who referred me to her! She truly has a special gift!


Rarely does one have the opportunity to experience such incredible insight and loving guidance as I’ve experienced through a reading with Pamela Boynton. She shares useful information in a loving and caring manner, that helps the recipient gain thoughtful direction and understanding to apply to their life experiences. Readings are such an individual experience and are different for every person. Her insights are so specific and thorough, that I have personally referred family and friends who have also had nothing but amazing results from their readings.
Pamela is a beautiful soul who shares her gift to help others understand and heal through their journey in life.


I wholeheartedly recommend Pamela's ability as an intuitive psychic. Her readings are compassionate, and insightful, opening doors to healing, personal understanding and spiritual growth. Besides using and sharing her gift to help others, Pamela displays her compassionate heart, integrity and character to those lucky enough to meet her and enjoy her light.


Pamela Boynton has an amazing intuitive gift. The first time I met her, she knew nothing about me or my life. I gave her no information about me. She then proceeded with clarity to tell me about my current and recent past relationships in detail and how they were presently affecting my life. She truly understood the impact they were having on me. She offered clear advice on how to deal with these relationships. I was and am truly amazed by her accuracy. I have seen her several times since the first session. Her communication skills are excellent. Her message is straight forward and understandable. She has a deep empathy for others and truly cares about helping them. Pamela represents the best of the best. She has a beautiful gift that she shares with others. I highly recommend her.


I have known Pamela for about a decade now. My first readings were in person in Prescott, AZ and now they are over the phone or on Skype. She has a real gift for connecting with my own personal guides and a wonderfully gentle and yet direct way of sharing what is up and coming for me. She includes me in the process and is always asking “does that make sense to you?” I continue to call on Pamela because her readings are “spot on” always, prescient and they connect me to my own intuition. They are “wake up calls” and Pamela fills them with humor, joy and appropriate seriousness. Others, that I have referred to her, have had amazing results as well. You cannot go wrong connecting with Pamela.


I had a reading with Pamela. I was a little skeptical, but I have to admit most of the information about my current life and situation was correct. I am sure not about the accuracy of future predictions because I can't really verify it, of course. But, I enjoyed the reading, it was encouraging and promising and quite accurate. I would recommend the service. Give it a try, it's a helpful guide to your situation and comforting to get some answers to your questions.


I am writing to recommend Pamela Smith Boynton as one of the most extraordinary visionary intuitive that I have ever worked with. She has such a compassionate light touch in her work. Pamela uses her guides profoundly and her work naturally leads the people that she is assisting further along on their journeys, or so it has been with me. Pamela is a woman with tremendous integrity and insight in her own right, and your organization will be well-served in utilizing her gifts


First of all I can't believe how gifted Pamela is! She is amazing & her clarity was mind blowing. By far one of the best readings I have had in a longtime. I will stay in touch... thank you : )


Thank you so much for a wonderful session both Melani and I found it remarkably interesting and helpful! We will both absolutely be back!

Thank you for the book recommendations they will make for productive summer reading!


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